Introduction Of Chinese Solid Wood Furniture As Modern Wood Furniture

Chinese solid wood furniture has always been the majority of the family favorite type, it is applicable to Chinese style, is a more natural wood furniture, can create antique home flavor. So what are the materials of Chinese solid wood furniture? But not many friends know.
Today, xiao editor for you to introduce the Chinese style of solid wood furniture related knowledge.

 Introduction Of Chinese Solid Wood Furniture As Modern Wood Furniture

I. Chinese solid wood furniture material

1, birch

The birch, also known as birch, is a kind of hard, large shrinkage, high strength of wood, after drying and treatment is widely made into solid wood furniture.Its structure is dense, with moisture resistance, wear and other advantages, can be painted coloring, with good coating performance.

2, teak

Teak furniture belongs to the same expensive hardwood furniture as mahogany furniture, because China does not grow teak, so they are imported from abroad, so expensive.Teak furniture surface grease rich, texture straight, feel strong lubrication, with a good gloss, placed in the home is very aesthetic.

3, rubber wood

Rubber wood is a relatively common Chinese solid wood furniture material, with a more distinctive mountain-shaped wood pattern. Rubber wood furniture color is light, easy to color, can accept all types of color dyeing and coating, with diversity, and strong wear resistance, effectively extend the life of furniture.

 Introduction Of Chinese Solid Wood Furniture As Modern Wood Furniture

II. Chinese-style solid wood furniture

1, material

Chinese style solid wood furniture heritage of the palace architecture as the representative of the art design, many of the use of precious wood made, such as chicken wing wood, rubber wood, Hainan yellow pear, eucalyptus, African acid branches, incense wood and other have a clear wooden texture, giving a strong natural atmosphere, to create a magnificent, magnificent home atmosphere.

2, shape

Chinese style solid wood furniture has a wide variety of patterns, such as dragons, phoenix, turtles, lions and so on, its lines are very rhyme, through fine carving, depicting lifelike, rounded natural wood furniture shape, and Chinese style home environment complementeach.

3, collection value

The fine Chinese-style solid wood furniture made of precious mahogany, the late need to go through careful maintenance and care, in order to maintain aesthetics. Chinese style solid wood furniture collection value is very high, whether material or workmanship, are expensive.

III. Name of Chinese solid wood furniture

The names of Chinese solid wood furniture are various and are generally divided according to different functions:

1, stool chair class Before the Han Dynasty, people did not have seating gear, know that the “hu bed” of the seat from the domain into the Central Plains, there is a real sense of the chair stool.Stool chair is divided into square stools, round stools, cross-chair, official hat chair, throne, tai teacher chair and so on.

2, table class Table is a relatively common Chinese solid wood furniture, its main role is to receive important guests, meaning a reunion, and beauty.Table category is divided into round tables, crescents, eight fairy tables, piano tables, for the case, tables and so on.

3, bed class Chinese solid wood furniture in the bed category, using a large number of solid wood made of, its price is expensive, is a special for rest and hospitality for the use of sitting equipment.At present, bed bed category is divided into shelf beds, step-step beds, Rohan beds, Princess bed and so on.This type of furniture is generally used as indoor wood furniture, it is used indoors.

4, cabinet class Cabinets used to store things in the room, originated in the summer merchant period, is now widely used in home life.
Cabinet class of Chinese solid wood furniture is divided into rounded cabinets, smouldering cabinets, bright cabinets, top cabinets and so on.

The above is to introduce to you the types of modern wooden furniture and the name of Chinese solid wood furniture.

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