How Should A Solid Wooden Dining Table Be Maintained As Wood Furniture?

Wood furniture because of its material is very practical, more and more popular, the choice of natural wood furniture is people’s needs, wooden table in recent years in the restaurant is very popular with everyone.

Many restaurant owners like to buy some modern wood furniture. The dining table is also very important furniture in our home, and with its existence we eat is also very convenient. For the real wood high-grade table, we are also very recognized, the following decoration of the house of small editor to introduce to everyone about the real wood table knowledge. This is also a choice that allows us to give our family a satisfactory choice.How should the solid wooden dining table be maintained as wood furniture?

How Should A Solid Wooden Dining Table Be Maintained As Wood Furniture?

1. Because of our food culture, most of the ingredients are cooked after cooking. Many people tend to put hot dishes directly on the solid wood table. After a long time, they will find a circle of white glue on the table. There are serious cracks that affect the overall aesthetic, so everyone is using solid wood. On the table, you must put a mat on the cutlery.Prevent damage caused by local overheating.

2. Tabletop scratch tableware or solid wood tabletop scratch caused by other problems, scratches are generally more common in families with children, scratches and scratches when relatively thin, less can simply wipe with a thick cloth and then wax it. If it is severe, it is necessary to fill local dyes with large areas of scratches and scratches. When the material is dry, it is protected with wax.When carrying out table maintenance, we also need to use the right method, so that we can protect our long-term use.

3. Because the soup dripping on the solid wood table will cause local discoloration, you can wipe off the soup with a hot cloth, then wipe off the discolored part with a thick cloth, and then use dye to repair. The position of the solid wood dining table should be kept away from strong air currents, such as doors, windows and vents, and should not be placed in direct sunlight. In winter, do not place a solid wooden dining table near the heating.In summer, you should often turn on the air conditioner dehumidification, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of wood, and avoid wet seams and deformations.

How Should A Solid Wooden Dining Table Be Maintained As Wood Furniture?

4. Wipe when generally wipe dust with a clean gauze, to avoid the use of chemical brighteners, so as not to damage the paint film. When wiping, gently rub it back and forth along the wood pattern with a soft cotton cloth, avoid wiping the paint surface with a hard dry cloth, so as not to lose the luster of the paint surface. It is recommended to wax every six months. When moving a solid wooden table, the table should be lifted.Do not drag it to avoid loosening the overall structure of the table.

The above is a presentation, solid wood table how to maintain, so that when we choose the solid wood table is also a suitable choice, to our satisfactory use.