Wood Furniture – Introduction To Red Walnut Furniture

Red walnut furniture is a more natural wood furniture, in the types of wood furniture, there is a variety of, want red walnut furniture this kind of wood furniture do you know? What grade is the redwood furniture in the market? In fact, on the current mahogany grade to receive, it is the production of fine furniture, the grade of material.Well, here’s a little bit of information about red walnut furniture!

First,red walnut wood quality features:

The wood of red walnut furniture is moderate in weight, soft and hard moderate, the wood fiber is balanced and thin, the strength can meet the condition of the furniture’s crucive force, the variability is small.

Red walnut furniture, from the form, structure, material, linear or carving process and other artistic forms of expression, has its superior material characteristics.

Wood Furniture - Introduction To Red Walnut Furniture

In the color of the red walnut wood color uniform, its wooden tube holes also contain dark sediment gum, there is grease, is a good material for the production of furniture.

4.Structural strength Red walnut wood is suitable for the structural strength of furniture, in the furniture legs and tabletop corner combination, the use of waist straight and two sides of the sharp angle, the structure is rigorous.The furniture structure with less tow mud at the foot of the legs, or the leg foot, with straight legs under the horizontal pull, dental plate and other structures, can meet the craftsman’s production of the strength of the cructoed.

Second, the advantages of red walnut furniture:

1.Red walnut furniture elegant, wood-print edgy chic, very clear and charming, whether it is golden walnuts and black walnuts, the furniture produced elegant and generous, giving a sense of atmospheric fashion.

2.The durability of red walnut furniture is relatively strong, it can be said that corrosion resistance is also better, so that the life of red walnut furniture, as well as the use of the effect is also better.

3.Red walnut furniture in the dry weather in the north is not easy to crack or deformation and a series of problems, its heat pressure capacity is strong, strong durability, with good anti-corrosion ability.

4.Red walnut furniture has a relatively low moisture content, its wood dry and wet bloat will not have a major impact on walnut furniture, its climate response is good.

Wood Furniture - Introduction To Red Walnut Furniture

Third,red walnut furniture shortcomings:

1.Expensive: Red walnut is more expensive in price, it is imported from abroad wood, so the price will be more expensive.

2. Wood structure is not tight: in the material is not red walnut furniture in the material is not redwood tight, it does not have mahogany adaptability.
In terms of pressure and bending resistance, it is not as expensive as oak.

3.Need to be careful care: as far as the material of the furniture itself is concerned, the furniture exposed in the outside of the relatively fragile parts, the need for careful protection of the family, otherwise in the use of the process is easy to appear damage.

Fouth,red Walnut Gate Price

The edges of the red walnut wood are creamy, with hearts ranging from light brown to dark chocolate, with occasional purple and darker stripes. It can be supplied with a plate that is steam-treated and the edges are darkored or treated without vapor. The pattern is generally straight, sometimes with wavy or curly patterns, forming a pleasing decorative pattern.So what’s the price of the red walnut door? Usually different red walnut furniture in the market is different in price.

On the current market red walnut door prices are generally around 1500 yuan, in terms of price, or can, not very expensive. The hardness of red walnut is moderate, the fiber structure of this wood is also very fine, and the toughness is quite good, can be very good anti-seismic, anti-wear, and bending, corrosion resistance is also quite good. Even after dry, it will not change, red walnut furniture and carving crafts are very quaint and elegant, feel very warm.

The above about the price of red walnut door collection in the network, for purchase time reference, the specific price to the actual purchase.