Wood furniture – Yellow Pear Mahogany Furniture Features And How To Maintain?

Valuable mahogany furniture, for today’s people are no strangers, this type of wood furniture to our feelings is also a special luxury high-end, natural wood furniture placed in our home is also a manifestation of our identity. Yellow pear mahogany furniture is also now very trend of furniture. So, what are the characteristics of yellow pear mahogany furniture?This also helps us choose better.

First, huanghua pear mahogany furniture features are what

1, this yellow pear mahogany furniture is relatively close to modern furniture, it is as modern wood furniture. Wood color from light yellow to red purple, bright colors, solid wood, delicate texture, giving people a quiet, soft, elegant feeling. The furniture made with it has the characteristics of art, science and practicality, has strong national characteristics and rich cultural connotation, enjoys a very high reputation at home and abroad, has the “Oriental Art Pearl” of the United States.
The furniture made with pear wood is simple and bright, magnificent, and the color is deep and beautiful, elegant and noble, durable, not corrupt for a hundred years.

Wood furniture - Yellow Pear Mahogany Furniture Features And How To Maintain?

2, the late Qing Dynasty, Hainan Huanghua pear wood species on the verge of extinction, after hundreds of years, China’s 70% of the yellow pear wood furniture are flowing abroad, the only remaining small number of yellow pear wood is used in house construction, made pot lids, beading and even a pickaxe, scattered folk, facing damage.
Now the number of yellow pears in Hainan is less than 2% of the world’s yellow pears, has been endangered.

3, has been listed by the State Ministry of Forestry as a rare, endangered plant, but also Hainan Province, one of the six national special timber. Because of its color yellow, fine material, texture soft, fragrant people and by the Ming and Qing artisans favorite. Yellow pears can also be made into a string, the smell is aromatic, very popular. The texture and color of Hainan Yellow Flower Pear Hand String.Generally speaking, yellow pear is the texture of mahogany, the bottom color of the pear.

Second, how to maintain huanghua pear mahogany furniture

1, moisture-proof mahogany furniture should often dust on the light, not only bright but also moisture-proof. In the past, there was the practice of waxing furniture before the Spring Festival, not only to look at the new Year festive, but also to prevent moisture. Yourself or find manufacturers in advance to repair the furniture liquid light wax or paint, to a certain extent to prevent water vapor penetration into the furniture. Some people in the purchase of new furniture 2 to 3 years later, spring and autumn in the back of the furniture wax, but also moisture-proof furniture cracking.
Furniture made of yellow pear red wood is generally placed indoors, it is used as indoor wood furniture.

2, wipe furniture as far as possible with dry soft cloth along the wood pattern gently rub, should not use a damp rag or rough rag rub, so as not to damage wax or paint film, resulting in furniture should not rise and crack phenomenon. When placing furniture, it is best to use soft thin cushions to separate the furniture from the ground contact, while keeping the furniture’s wall side with the wall 0.5 to 1 cm gap.
If possible, you can also give furniture legs covered with copper sleeve scafifhes to isolate the ground moisture purposes.

Wood furniture - Yellow Pear Mahogany Furniture Features And How To Maintain?

3, drying moisture now, supermarkets have a lot dedicated to moisture-proof dehumidification box and dehumidification bag, buy home can be placed in the furniture drawer to suck tide. Note, however, that when used for a period of time, remove the substance from the box or bag and re-use some lime or other bulk desiccant.
Dehumidification bags made of absorbent resin and charcoal are more suitable for placing in smaller spaces, such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets and other closed spaces can hang a bag of dehumidifier slots to remove moisture.

4, hands-on home-made desiccant is also a quite interesting thing. Use a small cloth bag to fill the right amount of lime, into a small bag placed in all corners of the room, can slow down the humid situation inside. Lime is an adsorbent, 1 kg of raw lime can absorb about 0.3 kg of moisture in the air.Can be made of cloth into small bags wrapped in lime and placed throughout the room, so that the indoor air remains dry.

As wood furniture mahogany yellow pear furniture is also a high-end products, we are in the choice, but also need to go to the big shopping malls to choose.

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