Tiger Spot Wood As A Natural Wood Furniture Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Introduction

When we buy wood furniture, we will choose to buy modern wood furniture, we often hear about this material tiger spot wood. But to decorate small white for, they are not clear what wood tiger spot is? If blindly follow the salesman’s advice, problems will be too late to regret. Today small make up for you to introduce the tiger spot wood.

I.What kind of wood is tabby

1.Tabby wood, whose scientific name is pats banjo lacquer wood, is an evergreen shrub of agave family. Its main producing area is tropical and subtropical in Latin America.

2, tiger spot wood delicate, clear stripes, bright color, so it is used to make furniture, has a strong moisture-proof ability and wear resistance, not easy to deformation, effectively extend the service life of the furniture.

3, China’s tiger spot wood from guangxi, in order to distinguish the import of tiger spot wood, now commonly called tiger spot sandalwood, but still has the characteristics of high density, high intensity. Its core material shows yellow-brown mostly, have apparent and changeful black decorative pattern again, can build plain natural feeling. Tabby is a kind of natural wood furniture.

4.In some European and American countries, the status of tabby wood is very high. Like American black walnut, tabby wood can be used to make gunstocks, gun handles and sporting goods.

Tiger Spot Wood As A Natural Wood Furniture Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Introduction

II.How about tabby furniture

1, tiger spot wood furniture advantages
Tabby wood furniture has a strong aesthetic, its surface restore the texture of tabby wood, with a strong gloss, a yellowish brown, slightly with green, in the sun shine bright color. Next, the stability of furniture of tiger spot wood is very good, belong to hardwood, appear not easy craze, be out of shape wait for a circumstance, still can effective moistureproof and corrosion-proof, have collect value, become the new rich of rare hardwood market now. Because tiger spot does not have the function of moisture-proof and corrosion-proof, it often exists as outdoor wood furniture. This kind of modern wood furniture is very common in furniture manufacturing.

2, tiger spot wood furniture shortcomings
Because the time that tiger spot wood introduces Chinese market is relatively late, people knows to its degree not tall, because this has a lot of inferior lumber to pretend to be, must careful when buying.

Tiger Spot Wood As A Natural Wood Furniture Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Introduction

III. Tiger spot wood and ebony wood which good

1, appearance,
From the point of view of appearance, the wood grain of tiger spot wood is clearer, give the feeling of domineering of National People’s Congress square, the glossiness of the surface is very strong also, can have the feeling of gold silk flashing below sunshine. Ebony wood has a metal texture, its natural texture color is eye-catching, has a sense of flow.

The hardness of wood of tiger spot is very big, have good wear resistance, but moistureproof, not easy to be affected by the drying of external factors, reduce the possibility of deformation, cracking. And ebony wood if not properly handled or the process is not standard, it is easy to rot, and faded phenomenon, so try to avoid putting in a dry or wet environment.

3.Collection value
Tiger spot wood native to Brazil, belongs to a kind of hardwood, need more than 100 years time to become timber, now China guangxi region also rich in tiger spot wood. Ebony grows in a special environment, with an average elevation of 1600 meters above sea level. Due to its rarity and complicated manufacturing technology, its collection value is higher than that of tabby.

Above is small make up to introduce the tiger spot wood this kind of natural wood furniture related knowledge, the hope buys wood furniture socialization in you to be able to help you. buyadiningfurniture.com

Introduction To Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany furniture as one of the modern wood furniture, his material is very good, so it is used by many people.
It is a kind of more natural wood furniture in furniture, can be used in many aspects of furniture. Mahogany furniture in many furniture is relatively popular, sales have been in a leading state.
The following is a detailed description of what grade mahogany belongs to, the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture, and how much it costs to the price of mahogany furniture.

 Introduction To Mahogany Furniture

I. What grade is mahogany What grade does mahogany belong to?

Mahogany is a kind of solid wood, but also very precious materials, from the grade, should be regarded as high-end furniture materials, is a natural wood furniture. Mahogany is native to Central America and Africa, more than 400 years ago dutch colonists brought into Indonesia, growing in Indonesia, large-leaf mahogany combined with the dual advantages of red duras and African mahogany.

Mahua core wood is mainly used to make high-grade furniture, ships, cars, pianos, violins and so on, which is famous for European classical style furniture, in the furniture market enjoys a high status. Indonesian peach blossom wood is one of the most expensive wood in the world. Mama heart wood is usually light red-brown, the diameter cut has a beautiful characteristic strip pattern, cutting cut surface smooth, beautiful pattern, wood does not crack, can be comparable with peach blossoms, for a good single sheet and plywood paste panel material. The trunk is straight, leafy, and is an excellent green tree species next to the road.
China was introduced at the end of the 19th century and is now widely cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Taiwan and other places.

 Introduction To Mahogany Furniture

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture

1, mahogany furniture advantages

(1) Green Mahogany furniture has the characteristics of green and environmental protection, by the modern people’s warm welcome.Mahua core wood furniture is also a kind of pure solid wood furniture, its plate has the characteristics of “pure natural”.
(2) The appearance of quaint Furniture made of mahogany wood, in addition to the wood hard heavy, solid and durable, but also the appearance with a natural texture, beautiful fashion, color quaint.Ideal for tasteful home use.
(3) Insect repellent durable Mahogany is a hardwood, and the texture is compact, making it very resistant to corrosion, so the life of the mahogany is also extremely long.Moreover, mahogany has a unique fragrance, can remove termites, for the people of the ant-wide area, is a good choice.

2, mahogany furniture shortcomings

Because the peach core wood is peach color, color difference is more obvious, large area use will make the furniture texture is not clear, highlighting the amount of black sand, therefore, peach core wood is generally used as a local decoration.
Three. How much is the price of mahogany furniture? How much is the price of mahogany furniture?

Generally with less stools, the price of at least a thousand yuan, wardrobe prices in about thirty-four thousand, the price of larger furniture more expensive. Because mahogany is one of the precious tree species, and the domestic basically no mahogany production, mainly imported from Africa, the Americas, the cost of raw materials than domestic several times more expensive.

In the manufacture, mahogany furniture manufacturing is based on pure manual technology, therefore, in time-consuming and labor costs are more expensive, so, mahogany furniture prices are more expensive. Mama heartwood has the characteristics of hard texture, small dry shrinkage, wood is beautiful, wood is easy to process, with good sculptural, easy to polish, not easy to deform, paint, viscose, dyeing, nail performance is good.

Because this kind of furniture is more durable, so it is often used as outdoor wood furniture. In the choice of mahogany furniture, can not only look at the price, but also look at the brand, different brands, the quality of output is generally a gap, in order to ensure the quality, try to choose large brands of mahogany furniture. buyadiningfurniture.com

Wood Furniture – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Birch Furniture Introduction And How To Maintain?

The demand for wood furniture is growing, the variety of natural wood furniture is many, there are many outdoor furniture materials are made of birch materials, do you know the birch furniture?

Birch furniture is a kind of furniture material with the higher end of solid wood furniture, which, like most wood, has advantages and disadvantages. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of specific birch furniture?Let’s look at the details below.

 Wood Furniture - The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Birch Furniture Introduction And How To Maintain?

First,the advantages of birch furniture

The wood is tough, the finished birch wood is at least fifty years old, which also makes the birch wood fine, dense, hard wood, so that the furniture made is very durable.

2.Easy to carve
The texture of birch is more beautiful, coupled with its good texture, hardness and strength are in line with, so you can carve patterns on birch furniture, so that birch furniture more ornamental and collectible.

3.High decoration

The center of this tree is obviously different from the outer layer, the center is dark purple gray, the outer layer is dark yellow, the density and hardness of these two places are also different.Therefore, the production of birch furniture color is good, with a strong decorative effect.

Second,the shortcomings of birch furniture

1.Easy to recruit pests

Birch tree wood itself is a kind of wood that is easier to recruit insects, so furniture made of birch wood, will be more easily insect-recruiting.
Then maintenance will be more troublesome, so this is one of the serious shortcomings of birch furniture.

2.Easy to crack and deform

Birch after the drying room strict drying is not easy to crack, but the market to make birch furniture wood is generally not in place to dry, so the production of birch furniture is easy to crack and deform.

 Wood Furniture - The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Birch Furniture Introduction And How To Maintain?

Third, How to maintain birch furniture

1.Keep the temperature and humidity constant

The density of birch furniture is small, and its heat expansion and cold shrinkage change smaller, and many of the other wood is not painted, only hot wax, it is easy to cause its deformation.
Therefore, it is best to keep room temperature of 20-30 degrees C in the home, humidity at 40%-50% is appropriate, try to avoid excessive tide or dry environment, to prevent mold or dry cracking.

2.Avoid raw pull hard

Beech furniture is mostly made and assembled, and wood containing “messy”, so when moving or moving furniture should be light, can not be pulled hard, so as not to damage the structure of the crucible.

3.Avoid long-term exposure to the sun

This is true of any item, which should avoid prolonged sun exposure, which can easily lead to fading and dry cracking. Therefore, when using birch furniture, we should also pay attention to avoid long-term exposure in strong light.